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The origin of seal
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Chinese seal, deep is far flow long, it is a of culture of tradition of the Chinese nation strange flower, continuous in broad and profound China art and literary circles send out a distinct fragrance, attracting people to enter this heart world. She is mixed with unique artistic form rich and abstruse culture connotation, stand erect at world culture forest, the wisdom brightness of nation of glaring an ancient name for China.

The generation of seal results from make a surname, chinese crockery arises at the The Neo-lithic Age inchoate, be apart from have more than 8000 years of histories today, and the most primitive make Tao Jimo make a way, it is namely in matrix buy bamboo basket or cord, with mud then besmear is in matrix, wait for after working partly, take out, the surface of contented base leaves the Yin Wen of clear basket or rope. Get the inspiration of such Yin Wen, first civilian people pat on quarter grain to act the role of in contented directly later. Contented is patted former be in order to flap the simple tool of break of base of means close mud, after grain of the carve on its is acted the role of, become our country to decorate design and the origin with artistic seal.

Engrave the traditional art that imprinting is a kind of calligraphy and sculpture photograph union, because of adoption written language it is seal character, also call seal cutting so. Its origin should be the respect such as social politics, economy, culture, handicraft industry after the development that had fixed rate.

Before Qin Dai, no matter the government official's seal is mixed,the entirely of folk's private seal becomes ” of “ royal seal. After Qin Shi emperor unites China, the name that provides ” of “ royal seal is the emperor special, government official and common people can say “ imprints only ” . Chinese generation besides the emperor, the seal that wait also calls vassal king ” of “ royal seal, but in Guan Yinhe illicit the name such as ” of credential of ”“ of seal of “ chapter ”“ also appeared in imprinting. Tang Dynasty takes the place of to Qing Dynasty, the name of ” of royal seal of “ of continue to use of past dynasties emperor is changeless, vassal Wang You calls “ treasure ” , imprint in Guan Yinhe illicit in produced “ to write down ” of seal of ”“ of official seal of ”“ of ”“ Zhu Ji to wait for a name again, till today, people still has the habit that differs severally to the appellation of “ seal ” .

The origin of seal, all through the ages has two kinds of views. Because historical deep is far, each say each are justifiable, break truly hard. A kind of view thinks: As a result of,the origin of seal is political trust action. When the Western Zhou Dynasty, the emperor and vassal it is the relation of patriarchal clan system that is ligament with clannish blood relationship, the government official that each country sets also is like this, do not need political token keepsake so. After the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, human relations in society changes, patriarchal clan system concerns gradually disintegrate, old noble chases fadeout to fall, new noble gradually arisen. Because concern to get an official with contribution however with the blood relationship of monarch,new noble is not. And, the Western Zhou Dynasty of official position unlike after age is OK and descendent, can rise at any time however those who remove from office. Accordingly, serve as trust with seal. At that time, a tiger-shaped tally issued to generals as imperial authorisation for troop movement in ancient China is used on the military affairs (implements of small tiger form, cent is in 2, engrave on inscriptive, it is a letter with be identical) , political imprint with royal seal as keepsake. After, just arrive stage by stage from political move economically, from official circles move goes to folk.
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