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The alias that China imprints
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The calligraphy that China imprints is our country and the particular arts and crafts that sculpture combines. Because what its have some calligraphy art property, differ somewhat with general arts and crafts, reason calls “ seal cutting artistic ” again. The name that China imprints after many evolve, the appellation of each dynasty each are not identical, make brief introducing below.

[Royal seal]
” of “ royal seal is the name with the earliest seal. Before the Qin Dynasty, no matter official, illicit imprint call “ royal seal ” . Do not cross ” of this “ royal seal write a law or be [Jin Er] , or for [earthy Er] , because material is copper, earth,differ and renown. Qin Tong after 16 countries, make a series of grade systems, the ” of assist of climate and other natural phenomena of a season of “ accord with that installed system of seal of special be in charge in little government office. Formulary emperor calls “ royal seal ” alone at that time (from at this moment [Jin Er] compose ” of “ royal seal) , its material uses jade, subject says “ imprints only ” , and cannot use jade. This follow the Qin Dynasty makes Han Daiji, but the system already relaxed slightly, also have all awaiting that what king, queen dowager calls ” of “ royal seal.

“ imprints ” sees Yu Qin Guan Yinzhong the earliest, it is affix an official seal of official of a few places just calls “ to imprint nevertheless ” . " Han Jiuyi " in also set: 200 stone come of 600 stone say “ imprints ” , and common full name imprints call “ illicit to imprint ” , illicit of new rank grass imprints have again call “ credential ” or “ letter to imprint of ” . “ imprints the appellation of ” all the time continue to use up to now.

According to " Tang Shu. Area takes keep in mind " account, because day of Tang Wu criterion feels dead ” of ”“ of “ royal seal is unisonant, in Yan Zaiyuan year (the Christian era 694 years) change call “ treasure ” . Later Tang Zhongzong accession, continue to use is old make weigh royal seal. Treasure also says when Tang Xuan an administrative unit in Xizang. Tang Zhiming Qing Dynasty takes the place of each, ” of treasure of ”“ of “ royal seal is used.

Han Wei's general imprints call “ chapter ” commonly. These seal often are be eager to appointing temporarily in on the march, and be in brash between quarter authentic becomes, those who say for ” of “ hurriedly-written essay. It is direct that this kind imprints imprinting with the knife authentic is engraved on the face and become, often day interesting be overflowing with, the color is distinctive, artistic to later ages seal cutting development has very big effect. Guan Yinzhong “ is viceregal drive of ” , “ history ” also has those who call “ chapter ” .
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