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Why does seal cutting use jade qualitative seal less
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In seal cutting bound one general consensus is: Yu Zhiyin chapter or imperial jade seal, do not suit manual seal cutting.

Its are main the hardness that the reason depends on jade is taller (the hardness of general jade is in rub family name 7 to 9 between) . And this hardness is engraved very hard with the wolfram steel burin of seal cutting move, even if can be engraved, also take a lot of work to expend a knife painfully. Often be the chapter was finished, the knife also was abandoned, that movement should call ” of “ dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed the chapter.

the emperor becomes stamp with jade, the lid is to result from emperor to jade love, want craftsman to engrave consequently, tell from firm sense, that is not to engrave, however carve.

Reason shows nowadays, fan Yu pledges the chapter of Yin Xi and so on expects, be over in develop commonly after font, go engraving corrode with condole getting or corundum, industrial trace is apparent.

What we use reason now stone of chapter makings seal involves jade scarcely, choose 4 name stone of Chinese to expect to imprint however, namely fossil of stone of Qing Tianshi, Bahrain, Shou Shanshi, prosperous, the hardness of stone is in these countries rub family name 2 to 4 between, the knife feels free from worry, expressional force is powerful, comfortable at seal cutting.

Little knowledge:

Hardness, it is to point to the difficult easy degree when undertaking breaking up material with outside force.

Hardness is used more commonly rub the hardness that family name sclerometer will come to represent substance.

Rub family name sclerometer is make choice of 10 kinds mineral original rock, represent the hardness of 10 level with them. If some is planted mineral original rock is on the two class ore of photograph adjacent, respectively can lay off and cannot lay off nick makes clear this to plant mineral the hardness of original rock uprights between hardness of two class ore.

These 10 kinds of mineral hardness are below:

Steatitic 1 degree, gesso 2 degrees, calcite 3 degrees, fluorite 4 degrees, apatite 5 degrees, orthoclase 6 degrees, quartz 7 degrees, topaz 8 degrees, corundum 9 degrees, diamond 10 degrees.

In daily life, the nick that can use following thing will hold hardness roughly

Can go up in paper nick person, be equivalent to rub family name 1 degree.

As identical as fingernail person for rub family name 2.5 degrees.

As identical as iron and steel person for rub family name 5.5—6 is spent.

As identical as glass person for rub family name 7 degrees.