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How to send leader gift to collect seal
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If your leader is middle-level cadre, it is your straight canal leader, reckon close phase rises likely again, need not consider to send Shou Shanfu Chengdu bamboo so (successively tall) formative seal, if above have red original rock (grand carry pawn) best, do good seal cutting and pack, seek a proper opportunity (had better go in the home) , send the gift with the leader, how much can thinking such impressional cent be? After the leader visits, in you affirmation should single out a person to chair the job to perhaps seek successor directly, if your ability returns Ok, so does this gift have specific aim very in time very much again?

If your leader or boss ability is 8 bottles tall, ablaze character, so the small suggestion seal that picks sculpture landscape ancient way, chinese bookman is more perceptual mostly, in one's heart always has the chop soft bowel of a pair of acerbity not smooth Ji, often the thing reminds one of its owner, so the proposal sends such leader or boss gift seal, must become the knowledge on seal sufficient, many bits of literary quotation and view, many somes of poetics and picture meaning. Such, audition person always can become aware your mix meticulously meticulous it is to reach the designated position very.

If that leader or boss love the home very much, can consider to send so 3 Lian Zhang (on the market very few, need to have something made to order likely) , namely 3 delicate Xiaozhang in a box, modelling is dragon more or a mythical wild animal and so on, 3 ordinal arrange, the implied meaning a harmonious happiness. Of course, the premise of here is him (she) the home has one child. If be not had below genu child, can send pair of orders, still be that common saying, meddlesome and geminate.

If your leader shows buy of v/arc be on the throne already very tall, so send seal aing mythical wild animal, because be in China, aing mythical wild animal is exorcise evil spirits (the police that can draw Ao Ao in order to prevent gray income to arrest too much) with flourishing money (a mythical wild animal without anus, eat to be not pulled only) meaning, this content is being mixed what is appropriate to the occasion.

If your leader is 2.5 what do not have culture, that does not send seal, stone of hill sending birthday is placed, dimensions is baronial, place over very grow face to him, comer come to an agreement or understanding, he regards you probably the successor that he did not come to. Place of course be in commonly thousands of to tens of thousands of between, still be stone complex more very, connoisseur and you had better let travel together all the way when buying.

As a whole, if choose the seal of birthday hill stone with very high class, so send only but, because good rule is very dazzling, and provide very much collect value, the market appreciates potential is tremendous, hinting of course is: Do not want carve characters on a seal. If you are chosen seal is 100 yuan are controlled, the proposal sends pair of orders, appear too thin otherwise. What want hint additionally is: You must not think the leader looks not to know seal, the leader's eye is bright, the world that they see is greater than you, must not covet deceive pass a barrier.
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