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How to send leader gift to collect seal
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The state-owend enterprise is a leader everywhere, the foreign enterprise is boss everywhere. Nowadays, want compose to build the road of the official career of harmonious understand, only with above the relation of head head head is straightened, ability talks to go up to develop ability further, obtain appreciate and preferment. Be in China, peculiar human relation culture decided on official career a lot of moment must entertain guests give sb a present, accordingly, to the leader give sb a present also became a little knowledge.

The author notices, a few people pass a part too for graph save trouble, the boss that also considers oneself probably is average person, the gift that sends so decides smoke, wine basically with respect to the lock or consumption gets stuck. Actually, you do not envisage the leader too simply, imagine, if you decide this new year's day or Spring Festival,send a leader two China smoke and juice of two bottles of 5 grain (as it happens is replete a portable bag) , calculate come down cost also is in probably 2000 go to three, but after the leader closed, basic perhaps that's all right feels, because of the gift that accepts every year basic also it is these, perhaps you become aware him move gave many blood, but the leader was not becoming aware what. Besides, false smoke false wine is full of on the market, when the leader is being received, perhaps the heart gives birth to suspicion. If imagine, will head the home, after greeting, give a gift, the seal box that opens massiness (if have money,decide Hua Limu or annatto) , inside the line of golden dazzle colour bright and beautiful medium or glittering and translucent moist or poetics picture meaning or power fierce the seal of high-grade Shou Shanshi of bully gas, seal falls or seal cutting is worn the leader's name (high-grade seal had better not be engraved commonly, because Shou Shanshi and Bahrain lithography medal are annual,the price should rise 30% the left and right sides) , believe to lead an eye to be able to shine suddenly, you also but at this point Kan Kan and pat, stone modelling implied meaning is how how, oneself are how to be mixed to Yin Shi pack undertake complex DIY, character stops, believe to be in in your leader glad while, from the heart attentive to yours also make the same score again with ability added many praise----The effect that you give the thing that is thousands of yuan of money likewise the lead is different.

Seal of flourishing money exorcise evil spirits aing mythical wild animal (click on the graph browses more seal)

If just had met,pass a part, you decided to send leader gift to collect seal again, so remember the following respect please:

If your leader or boss are a boss deputy perhaps always (also want the temperament according to the individual of course) , so be about to choose dragon, tiger, lion from seal modelling seal of this kind of atmospheric, the sort of square wants on modelling, the foot steps 4 to, the mouth swallows all directions, dimension also wants largish, average base 5cm-6cm grows by the side of the left and right sides had better, seal material is qualitative need not jade-like stone embellish, but must reveal bully energy of life, the imperial jade seal of archaic monarch is quadrate great seal, of the implied meaning deeper one is power shake all directions, the interest that answering to lead so. Of course, what want a specification here is, the case of quadrate great seal is bad to search, even if has bright and beautiful case along with content, deserve to go up to also appear persnickety, must have something made to order ahead of schedule with the boss of seal inn so wooden box (it is commonly 7 days or so, a lot of merchant are disrelished the trouble is not done to you or ask a price is very high) , if seal inn service is enough good, the value that you give reasonable, so you can let merchant look for a person to help you design wooden box to package the title page of a thread-bound book, after gift do well, a such gift are in hand, arrive from seal packing feel is top class, take a lead before, the leader has accepted gift of the first feeling is not thin. You wait for him not thin, he waits for you to have add.
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