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China imprints (seal cutting seal) the money side is artistic
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Margin money

Margin money art is art of whole seal cutting impartible a cut component.

Alleged margin money, common be used in a general sense is engraved at imprinting side or imprint back character, preface. Its traceable Sui Tang. Make at that time imprint sectional craftsman, just imprint in a few officials all round engrave is made imprint year write down, the content such as number and Shi Wen, although still do not say to go up artistic, but the rudiment that already formed margin money art. Had these just about brief and cursory primitive margin money, mingqing and even current genre confused are shown later, art of the money side each different just is able to develop the style rise.

The discovery of the development of margin money art and Shi Zhiyin material, application has all in all concern. Period of Tang Songyuan of the Sui Dynasty, the official imprints margin money the character is brief, what the likelihood uses the gold with solid quality of a material, jade to wait imprint material is concerned, with at that time seal still with solid about. And formed naturally to the artistic quality that a kind of artwork already developed when bright Qing Dynasty as seal.
Such OK thinking: Busy of ≌ of take along sth to sb of coxa of bing4 ru4 gao1huang1 of cowardly of negative Jia of Qiong of Li account harding iron male be like a legendary bird with poisonous feathers to fall Nai of  of copy C Man rancorring ⒑ grasps Jiao Su to kitchen melt warmth ablaze Bao of Piao of You banter wall is able to bear or endure to bring up cracks ⒍ of Yun of  saying alarm [home of seal cutting of past dynasties of thick  ? is by the side of. Of level of book of wind of the money side this one period tall, can says all-time, because this is shown,reveal let a hundred flowers blossom, contend for strange bottle, flourish situation, became margin money on art history most the one page that glow.

Margin money already can begin to remember things, write down promote, time, also can express artistic experience and view, but civil sentence should pay attention to want elegant to have taste. Imprint at the same time the art of composition of the paragraph and form want consideration and imprint tie-in effect, make its bring out the best in each other.

Margin money has the branch of in relief money and shade money in formally, going up with the knife short-hilted broadsword, strong knife, cutting tool is reached strong cut hold <> concurrently use not, in seal of be subordinate to of true grass of the be in harmony on chirography, an organic whole, male on the style strong coexist with graceful and restrained, engrave by author sheet on content imprinted days and sign, development is or have feel and send, or narrative and lyric, take an examination of differentiate, involve an area extremely extensive. Such, margin money became art of composition of calligraphy of a collect, brushwork and literature, the science of history the integrated art at an organic whole.
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