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Buy the small doohickey of seal
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5. is added above paragraph had better. If a seal below quarter name, also do not have how old culture and commemorative value. Author proposal, the person that lets seal cutting carves some of word for you in stone flank, the blessing that these words can be you, comprehend, entrust kind demit or it is simple period years, anyhow, do not let flank bald. Special clew: The fund that raise a limit does not receive fund commonly, have some of evil mind of course advocate bully you ignorance and rich, that also does not have method.

6. is not archaize order had better not be bought below the case that sends a foreigner. Respecting this, average person does not understand what calls archaize the chapter, saying simple point is chemically drug or dye treated chapter, look ancient sweet patina, actually the quality inside should be hit really greatly interrogation, but actually, the foreigner still prefers this kind of ash not to sneak away normally autumn archaize chapter. Here proposal, if you are to send home the friend, had better not choose archaize, the word that uses Fan Wei says: Be counterfeit.

7. does not have blind faith in an expert. Be in current China, having home of a lot of seal cutting is self-given, reason actually very simple also, now nowadays, which circle is not be mixed by the relation. Have some of seal cutting home, chapter of quarter one party is about on valence 10 thousand, actually, really still a few is hold in the palm go singing the praises. Actually, the seal cutting craft of a lot of folk art homes also is pretty good.

Him 8. starts work, have ample food and clothing. Seal carve characters on a seal expends average market price to be every word 10 yuan differ to 20 yuan, if you feel cost of carve characters on a seal is too expensive, so, completely OK oneself buy a burin (fluctuate for a few yuan of money commonly) will engrave, although the character of quarter is probable 7 twist 8 crooked, but among them accumulate meaning should be very true and honest, adding up to Yin Shi plain clumsy like that nature.

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