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Buy the small doohickey of seal
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” allows scope of operation between “ heart, the look collects life feelings. A refined stone qualitative seal, the name on seal cutting, or send or stay, have the interest of nature of of primitive simplicity. If intentional, have an acceptability seal, also not be tickler, it is 10 when the author sums up small doohickey below, count for the moment remind it may not be a bad idea.

1. looks for seal stone in culture things store. If your economic condition is not ideal, the proposal reachs place culture things jobber looks for Yin Shi in the city, compare a few store that specialize in seal stone, the Yin Shi here is general very cheap, it is more bald-headed imprint (Yin Shi upside was not carved) and along with form imprint, this among them cheap Bahrain stone, Qing Tianshi is better choice, the price also goes to ten yuan in a few yuan only between.

2. buys the rock that does not have Sha Ding. Buy stamp while stone notes the price, must notice the quality of a material of Yin Shi itself, quality of a material of stone of average age hill, Bahrain stone, green field stone is compared exquisite, quarter rise carry knife is comfortable. The underside of stone should be valued when buying rock so, if underside has ” of “ Sha Ding more (namely apparent grain form substance, it is silicon more kind material) , such seal stone although the grain of upside is good-looking, but quarter rise no-go, of quarter normally the result is the flaw that in the place that has Sha Ding occurrence “ breaks more than ” of ” or “ , look not harmonious, so the proposal must value stone quality of a material.

3. had better be to engrave seal by hand. Had rock, be about to look for a person to engrave, of course, someone may say to be able to be engraved with the machine, right, the result that cuts with the machine is met really “ comparatives ground ” is neat, but, what you forgot seal itself is a person is lyriccer than content, engrave the sense that lost seal itself right-down with the machine, and actually, the result that the machine cuts is more formalist, the Yin Wen that engraves by hand more show vivid with nature.

4. Yin Wen had better engrave characters cut in relief. The character of on seal quarter, cent characters cut in relief / of characters cut in intaglio say, say simply, ” of “ characters cut in relief stresses the character that come namely, ” of “ characters cut in intaglio is sunken the character that go down. The author often sees, mill of a few seal cutting gives a foreigner carve characters on a seal basic it is characters cut in intaglio, this is not the foreigner likes characters cut in intaglio certainly, basically be the person graph save trouble of seal cutting, quarter characters cut in intaglio is convenient, take burin pound a few channel with respect to OK, anyway the foreigner also does not understand. Actually, this world engraves a lot of seal that show work force, especially seal cutting of characters on a seal carved in relief (very fine characters cut in relief, general seal cutting person hold not to come) , of course the author did not say shade is engraved bad, just warn customer here, you should look for person carve characters on a seal, say hello to first certainly, this world is engraved or shade is engraved, fall in acquiescent condition otherwise, seal cutting person can engrave characters cut in intaglio for you likely.
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