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Seal is phyletic - China imprints phyletic
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(7) Xiao Xing imprints: Also say “ is pictographic imprint ” , “ design imprints ” , quarter have the be called by a joint name of design seal. Archaic Xiao Xing imprints, engrave somebody commonly content, animal the image that wait, draw materials diversity, have dragon, phoenix, tiger, dog, horse, fish, bird, with get victory of of primitive simplicity. Xiao Xing imprints much the text of an annotated book, some pure drawing, some adding have a character, han Yinzhong has more at the full name all around add with Long Hu or “ 4 clever ” (Qing Long, Bai Hu, rosefinch, Xuan Wu) .
(8) office sign imprints: Also say “ mark imprints ” , the engraved designs that fasten vulture keeps the pledge that the place of the full name signs, make the person is imitated not easily, because regard as,take a letter by write down. This kind of credential, only then Yu Song is acting, the casing outside be being done not have commonly.

3, divide from literal arrangement:
The text of an annotated book imprints, characters on a seal carved in relief imprints, Zhu Bai alternate with imprints, palindrome imprints.

4, divide from the method that make:
Casting imprints, authentic imprints, carve imprints, gush imprints.

5, from treat imprint the cent on material:
Gold imprints, jade imprints, silver imprints, copper imprints, iron imprints, ivory imprints, rhinoceros horn imprints, crystal imprints, lithography, today person Shang Youmu imprints character, plastic imprint, organic glass imprints etc.

6, divide into formally from compose:
Imprint at the same time, 2 imprint, 6 imprint, child the mother imprints, overprint.

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