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Seal is phyletic - China imprints phyletic
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Seal sort of China is various, can make different classification according to different level.
One, from social application, can divide imprint for Guan Yinhe illicit.

(one) the official imprints: The seal that official institute uses. Past dynasties official imprints, each have a system, not only the name is different, appearance, size, Yin Wen, form also has difference. Seal by royal issue, represent power, in order to distinguish official rank and order of indication the rank of nobility. Compare like Guan Yinyi illicit imprint big, rigorous and sedate, much more quadrate, have nose tie.
(2) illicit imprint: The official imprints beyond a general designation of seal. Illicit imprint system is complex, can arrange from word meaning, character, the method that make, treat imprint material and compose are divided into each sort to fasten into formally.

2, from the word justice go up cent:

(One) name name imprints: Yin Wen carves person full name, express word or date. Modern also has quarter pen name.
(2) room house imprints: The ancients often names for his bedroom, study, and Chang Yizhi makes seal.
(3) letters imprints: The person that Yin Wen adds ” of issue of character of ” of “ advertisement ” , “ white thing, “ after the full name. Today the person that the person has “ to do obeisance to ” , “ to seal ” , “ obeisance ” sincerely again, this kind imprints special at letters come-and-go.
(4) collect appreciate to imprint: This kind imprints multi-purpose use at what seal builds cultural relic of painting and calligraphy. Collect kind of Yinduojia “ collects ” of ” , “ collect carefully, “ to collect books ” of ” of ” , “ Tibet picture, “ rare curiosa, “ plays the model of written characters such as ” , “ books ” closely. Appreciate many kinds add precious of “ appreciate ” , “ to admire Qing Dynasty of ” , “ to admire heart of ” , “ to admire look over of ” , “ the model of written characters such as ” of the good luck of seeing sth rare of ” , “ . Recension kind “ recension ” , “ takes an examination of Yinduojia decide ” , “ the model of written characters such as authorized ” , “ appraisal ” .
(5) Ji Yuyin: Yin Wen engraves lucky language. Like ” of Han Yinzhong's common “ big profit, “ ” of great good fortune, “ grows happy ” , “ to grow favour ” , “ to grow ” of descendants of rich ” , “ appropriate, “ to grow Kang Shou ” , “ always day of quiet ” , “ , all belong to this kind.
(6) idiom imprints: Belong to idle chapter and so on. Yin Wen is engraved with the language such as path of word of phrasal, poem or wind month, Buddha, general seal lid is on painting and calligraphy or collect carefully.
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