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The common sense that sends Japanese gift seal and formal
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Be in Japan, people prefers seal normally, because there is important role in the seal daily life in Japanese and job,the reason is without exception, its use frequency to pass the case that is in China far high, and Japan has special legislation to come the application of normative seal.

Japanese seal, make normally more delicate, the price is very expensive also, font is body of body of the original complex form of a simplified Chinese character, regular script, official script, the Kingdom of Wei, the Song Dynasty more.

Tell from appearance, the gift stamp that gives Japanese can be square, long square, columnar with ellipse. If the consideration is practical (Japanese has small seal basically, very delicate) , can choose small Fang Yinzhang so, the diameter that choose a horizontal stroke is in in 1cm relatively appropriate, the place that this basically is consideration Japanese affix an official seal is compared normally narrow; If consider formal sex, so the Bahrain stone seal with elegant choice, Shou Shanshi seal, the official script on seal cutting or it is an ancient style of calligraphy, they can like very much. With respect to design character, the design that Japanese likes seal as mythical wild animal besides Chinese Long Feng etc besides lucky animal, still have Buddha of loose, bamboo, plum, duck, tortoise, Maitreya, this has a bit with Chinese view among them different is, the tortoise represents volition, tolerance and long life in Japan, it is commendatory. When sending seal, best and geminate send, meddlesome and geminate, there also is this view in Japan (of course, if individual seal is very elegant, can disregard reach this view) .

When giving Japanese seal gift, choose to go up in seal stone color, the look such as the milky white of head embellish is more welcome, and green and purple seal had better not be used, because these two kinds of color look in Japanese,the delegate is worn sadness and bodeful. On the sculpture design of seal, abstain from on seal have lotus, because Japanese thinks lotus is bodeful bewitching flower, this kind of circumstance the view with China is opposite. If the sculpture on seal has dragon, the number of dragon is not 4 or 9, because the pronunciation of the “4” in Japanese and “ are dead ” is same, and the pronunciation of “9” and “ bitter ” are identical.

Ox horn seal

On seal cutting, the Chinese likes to cut the margin of seal into mottled shape designedly, pledge in order to show clumsy of of primitive simplicity, but if give Japanese such stamp, the other side is met very grouchy, because Japanese can think,this is planted not complete it is a delegate the move is ominous.

Chinese Long Xi, those who regard China as traditional culture is indicative, below seal cutting its own name, get Japanese friend greatly love, this is probably what in resulting from, day history culture communicates is of long standing and well established.
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