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Of the lucky animal on seal and lucky design pay attention to and view
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Dog: The delegate is faithful, intelligent, brave.

Pig: Represent fortune and happiness.

Snake: It is Xiaolong namely

Other animal:

Lizard: ?ldquo; of  of ∷ of live abroad of fade of slave-girl of be improperly familiar with is fond of ” .

Badger: 5 basement of  is phlegmy harmonious hey Shan of Pu ∷ moisture in the soil mu hydrogen of stool of Guan of  Zheng  carries  [the phonic delegate of joyous ” of?ldquo; of leg ∷  is happy.

Elephant: Lucky (elephant) meaning, also be to represent sedate, honesty. Elephant is good at bibulous, water is money, if put elephant of a copper to be in the home, little money of big money all is personal place accept.

Spider: Represent happy event, say to be fond of spider again.

Fish: Does apology return flesh of Jin of bursa of lament of dimming apricot of Mao of quiet of colour of  of sole of the Jia austral Shan?

Crab: Express to send ill-gotten wealth greatly.

A huge legendary turtle: Call “ Bombay duck ” again, common is a red-crowned crane stands in body of an a huge legendary turtle, this makes be the champion.

Xuan Wu: Call “ bibcock chelonian ” again, steady deal with concrete matters relating to work, lucky etc.


Common is a flower in the plant: Hua Kaifu is lucky and expensive, perfect.

Lotus lotus root: Humanness gentleman, stem from silty and do not catch.

Rings: Rise successively, riches and honour is rough.

Towel gourd: Restful and lucky, perfect.

Chili: Prosperous.

Kidney bean: The four seasons is restful.

Peaches offered as a birthday present: Long life is healthy.

Pomegranate: Child child flatly, perfect and full hall of children and grand children, auspicious, it is much child of much happiness indicative.

Apple: Restful and lucky.

Food crops: Golden harvests, bumper harvest riches and honour.

Orange: Take “ auspicious ” (orange) , express lucky.

Litchi: Take “ benefit ” (Li) , express successful, satisfactory.

Pear: Melting.

Calabash: Sound extraction in the company of expresses “ blessing ” and “ salary ” .

Sallow: Restful exorcise evil spirits.

Glossy ganoderma: Look like because of glossy ganoderma flexibly, so glossy ganoderma is represented commonly flexibly successful.

Mascot tastes:

Flexibly: At every turn flexibly.

Fingered citron: Action money, flexibly, restful.

Lock: Long-lived lock, restful lock, protect restful and lucky.

The sun: The rising sun east rise, resplendent, lucky and happy.

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