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Of the lucky animal on seal and lucky design pay attention to and view
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Do commonly slant the person of travel thinks meeting flourishing of “ ” aing mythical wild animal slants of money, so they can be in a company or do business the place puts to a mythical wild animal, belong to slant the industry of travel has foreign currency, stock, finance, horse race, futures to wait a moment. But to violate the law and commit crimes person be ineffective, because its are clever animal.

Jin Chan:

It is lucky in archaic myth content, 3 feet, the back carries the Plough on the back, the mouth holds two strings of copper cash, the top of head too extremely two appearance. Common saying says: &The person that Ldquo; gets golden Chan needs implied meaning of its figure of rich ” reason is prosperous. Suit to slant especially the door, be like lottery, stock, gambling house.

Deer of bat of magpie crane eagle:

Magpie: What represent commonly is happy event, the “ that takes it is fond of ” word, if of vulture is to fly in wintersweet branch, express the tip of a tree to be radiant with joy, vulture is door of happy event neighbor by the side of the portal.

Crane: The crane is to taste a bird in lark, the design of occurrence red-crowned crane is denotive it is government-owned house is tasted, official career has, understand of riches and honour.

Eagle: Acumen, stand high and see far, volant delegate exhibits lanneret greatly great plan, have a bright future, the career has.

Batty: Bat namely “ blessing ” . In Chinese traditional culture, of sound of in the company of applying is special.

Deer: With “ salary ” , the deer is clever animal, have restful and lucky idea.

12 any of the twelve animalses:

Rat: Money of 5 rat carry, 5 rat incubate fund, pull the money, carriage that pushs money to wait a moment.

Arrogant: Of the sky too on of old gentleman sit ride to be an ox already, it is sedate, symbolize with one's shoulder to collar, ju Jixiang exorcise evil spirits.

Tiger: The king of 100 animal is a tiger, the tiger also is to represent lucky, bully gas and position.

Hare: Hare is lucky, double hare, the Jade Hare-the moon etc, also state halcyon peace is mixed docile.

: Success immediately upon arrival, take the lead, if monkey horseback is to seal monkey immediately, having Ma Youlong is dragon horse spirit.

Sheep: 3 sheep (in relief) open safe, the sheep indicates wisdom, peace and tranquility.

Monkey: Clever animal, the delegate is intelligent, healthy, have energy.

Chicken: Often a gallinaceous carve is in peony is corollaceous the delegate under adds an official on the official, if there is the delegate of 5 chicklings by only big chicken 5 child ascend division, cock most often state hero is angry, laborious namely. Same, chicken also is a delegate lucky. The cock is hit cry to weigh result “ again (fair) renown (cry) ” .
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