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Of the lucky animal on seal and lucky design pay attention to and view
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Come thousands of years, phoenix is in the memory of our country people, be regarded as all the time beautiful, lucky, kind-hearted, halcyon, have heart, nature, those who send peace and tranquility, Xiang Guangming is still the path that arrange a day, humanitarian, indicative. Much analogy husband and wife is deeply attached to each other or wish a person marriage is perfect.


The Xiong Yueqi in kylin, female say Lin, the appearance is peculiar, unripe have specified number of bibcock, antler, horse's hoof, oxtail, wolf, multicoloured scute wraps around on the body. People inspects kylin to be mascot, the Fan Qilin in fokelore steps on the place that pass, can bring to the people over there lucky, reason has “ kylin lucky ” .

In traditional culture, kylin is auspicious sign is indicative, since time immemorial has “ flourishing age to give the view of kylin ” , at the same time folk also religiosity kylin is disappear calamity solution is difficult, drive demon, the town avoids curtilage evil spirit, urge the auspicious animal of money preferment.

Applicable object: Law of world of tall, promising, outstanding, aid, education, soldiers and police, political circles, flourish promotes acknowledgment, friendship, blessing, heart, be elected, mass organizations, newly-married, parturient, practice.


The grain an administrative unit in Xizang of curvature of the spinal column is close, the Chinese believes all the time, the secret of heaven and earth of chelonian under cover, accordingly it also makes a kind of mystery and contain is worn the animal of rich culture connotation. In the meantime, because chelonian life is extremely long,be more, what became long life so is indicative, people is multi-purpose “ chelonian age the long life of ” Yu Ren or with “ couple of crane age ” calls “ chelonian ” of age crane birthday and Qi Ling ” of “ chelonian crane.

From of old the gas that people believes to its can bring auspicious sign, chelonian already made the clever thing of prophet of go ahead of the rest, put jade chelonian to be able to change Yin Buyang, adjust balance of indoor yin and yang and natural magnetic field, can fill luck flourishing money, with jade chelonian the town can make the same score smooth An An curtilage, lucky riches and honour.

A mythical wild animal (Pi Xiu) :

(north says to avoid unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease) , it is archaic luck animal, have alone the form of horn, dual role, alone horn person call day deer, two horn person call exorcise evil spirits, exorcise evil spirits is to a mythical wild animal. Its form short ala, roll beard of end, hair on the neck of a pig. People is inspected a mythical wild animal for lucky, the mouth that a mythical wild animal is bigger, say to earn more money, abdomen is rounder, install so that jump over much money, a mythical wild animal times suffer love, because a mythical wild animal,be have a very peculiar characteristic: Have mouth, but did not excrete an organ, did not go out then only namely. Like hoping to be able to resemble aing mythical wild animal then, “ did not give ” then only, people just can not hesitate catchpenny and endless money enrages in an attempt to of 10 thousand gold.
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