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Of the lucky animal on seal and lucky design pay attention to and view
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Current, the fashionable Chinese seal upside on the market, carve have various lucky design and lucky animal, this includes 4 big lucky animal of 12 any of the twelve animalses, China among them (dragon, phoenix, chelonian, kylin) , a mythical wild animal, Jin Chan is waited a moment, what this has a lot of folk to circulate among them is exquisite with the view, it is detailed explanation below.

First of animal of 4 great lucky mind, it is the totem of the Chinese nation since ancient times, have the Supreme Being the implied meaning. Fabulous Long Shengjiu is tasted, it is respectively: Good music of cornstalk convict ox; Second child had angried stare to kill; 3 child ridicule wind good risk; 4 child bully had fallen to load; 5 child Bi elk good bring a case to court; 6 child ignoranting kiss is good swallow; 7 child gluttonous good feed; 8 child golden Ni good cooked food; 9 child cattail prison is good cry.

In Long Jiuzi, only 4 child bully had fallen to load, its exterior body is like chelonian, the head is like dragon, weigh tablet animal, those who have deities big tortoise say folk calls dragon chelonian more, fabulous in those days female Wa uses his namely 4 sufficient maintain be versed in bump into the sky that collapse in all. Because dragon turtle is good,load, the implied meaning can block calamity evil spirit to reduce damage for the person, the town begins domestic action curtilage, fu Ze blesses all living creatures.

Dragon compares a man in folk, already became the most exalted mascot in Chinese memory to represent at present, those who have money of divine fierce, force, outstanding, palm is indicative.

On seal many have the odd number sculpture such as 5 dragon, 7 dragon, 9 dragon, say by the five elements, the man belongs to this world, the woman belongs to shade, reason odd number is this world, even numbers is shade, what be an emperor because of dragon is indicative, reason chooses odd number to carve dragon form only.

9 dragon are a poetic name of China namely, implied meaning imperial power and the world, because this 9 dragon are indicative exalted extremely. In imperial robe of clear acting emperor general embroider 9 dragon, but looking from the front or the reverse side is 5 dragon, add up to “ 949 honour the imperial title of ” , so 5 Long Yeji, 5 dragon have the idea of ” of “ dance dragon more.

Applicable object: Actor of world of tall, promising, outstanding, aid, accomplishment, sports, calligraphy, literature, flourish promotes acknowledgment, friendship, blessing, heart, be elected, completion of mass organizations, newly-married, parturient, new house, practice.


Phoenix is the king ” in “ bird, also be the lucky bird with Chinese the famousest ancient time, the prototype of the chicken in 12 any of the twelve animalses is phoenix, phoenix is electropositive originally, be called again phoenix of sunbird, fire, and Long Yuan is negative originally, it is the delegate of aquatic. Arrived about Chinese generation, professing as a result of Liu Bang is white dragon reincarnation, saying the emperor is true Long Tianzi, dragon by animal of positive of electronegative animal translate into, and the indicative animal that phoenix criterion becomes queen by animal of negative of electropositive animal translate into.
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