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The regulation of seal problem is organized about various group in the center of
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The material of seal, by make hair mechanism ground local material and make choice of of technical condition proper motion.
5, the use of seal. Enable the specific time of seal, by the unit decision of use seal, inform concerned unit. The seal of each unit should appoint person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of keeping. Moulage informs with what enable seal, should this unit archives saves classify.
6, the hand in for cancellation of seal. Seal changes because of origanization construction, or when changing with new seal disuse, the unit of use seal should issue the announcement of disuse seal to concerned unit. Inform classify of this unit to archives is saved, old seal is handed in by make hair unit processing formerly. The seal of disuse, save proper time, through the approval of appraisal and leader, the need that has historical value except minority is saved for a long time beyond, general can destroy by melting or burning.
7, round branch committee is not engraved make seal, branch file is with branch secretary autograph by. If need to engrave really,make seal, should apply for approval ranking group appoint the decision is made hair.
8, the seal style of round organization in army and administrative measure, make by place of youth of liberation army the General Political Department.
9, after setting make known to lower levels, the regulation that concerned seal sends previously becomes invalid all right namely. Use old seal to be able to continue to use now, but must be by 1979 change by the regulation before end.
(seal style slightly) .

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