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Seal public security runs way
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(4) the aptitude condition that accords with management information system of public security of seal of public security mechanism;
(5) set seal to keep secret labour room and finished product keep storehouse.
The unit of business of the 18th management seal must not manage another person of seal business subcontract.
The 19th carries on quarter make seal ought to abide by following regulation:
(one) should check public security mechanism to issue put on record or engrave a proof definitely;
(2) register entrust the quarter name that makes seal, legal representative or the full name of person of chief, agency and citizen Id number, according to the regulation item-by-item registers measure of seal name, style, norms, save 5 years, check in order to have;
(3) appoint person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of carrying on seal business, the seal that makes surely and destroy by melting or burning become invalid chapter base;
(4) the stamp that to exceeding 3 months nobody get, ought to register tabulation, deliver puts on record formerly or approval engraves the processing of public security mechanism that make;
(5) forward seal of report of office of seat public security makes a case.
The 20th is engaged in seal management business ought to be inside the fixed place of approval undertake.
The legal representative of the unit of business of the 21st management seal or the public security that chief is this unit person of the first responsibility, the public security that is in charge of becoming this unit is on guard the job:
(one) education abides by state law, code from consciousness of personnel of course of study;
(2) make and fulfil each public security management system and be on guard measure;
(3) supervise carry out seriously from personnel of course of study carry on quarter make seal check prove and register the job;
(4) the public security hidden trouble that checks discovery to public security mechanism is rectified and reform in time;
(5) discovery alter, forge put on record or engrave the doubtful circumstance such as the proof and case clew definitely, reach times to inform public security office.
Collaboration of solely invested, China and foreign countries and Chinese-foreign joint venture must not manage the 22nd foreign trader the seal business that this method place sets.
Mechanism of the 23rd public security ought to undertake supervisory checking to running the unit of seal, fulfil following obligation:
(one) undertake supervisory checking to running the unit of seal business regularly, discover public security hidden danger, deadline is rectified and reform;
(2) discover doubtful circumstance or case clew, investigate processing lawfully;
(3) be opposite lawfully of the unit of management seal business violate compasses violate management behavior to undertake investigating.
The 4th chapter is punished criterion
The 24th disobeys what this method sets the 5th times, be made illegally or use seal, divide outside capturing illegal seal, be in 2000 yuan of above 10 thousand yuan of the following amerce; Have illegal income, confiscate illegal income.
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