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Seal public security runs way
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Seal losing, be grabbed, by pilfer, ought to to put on record or approve the report of quarter public security office that make, after adopting announcement form statement to become invalid, according to before section provision is dealt with afresh put on record or engrave formalities definitely.
Dozenth material of a seal norms, style, Yin Wenhe is carried out about the regulation according to the country.
Execute the place of regional autonomy of minority nationalities, the quarter seal that make is OK and print Chinese character and corresponding ethical character.
Seal does not get odd print foreign language, because the job needs but medium, foreign language and print.
Need is engraved make medium, foreign language and the unit of print seal eliminates hold outside the proof that this method provides the 8th times, file, still should offer written application, reach the ground, city public security mechanism deals with government of class above people to engrave formalities definitely.
Thirteenth need cuts the unit that makes seal, can apply for to engrave only make denominate of an unit law weigh a chapter.
Need engraves those who make overprint chapter, steel seal rule, according to this method the 7th, the 8th, the 9th, the 10th regulation is dealt with.
The folk that branch of institution of the 14th enterprise, civil administration registers is organized and coordinate orgnaization and blame each standing body seal implements year of careful system.
After disuse of the 15th seal, use unit ought to be handed in a superior to be in charge of branch or office of the government that register to seal up for keeping entirely inside 10 days; Exceed the time limit does not hand in, by ranking administrator branch or office of the government that register are given capture. Ranking administrator branch or office of the government that register want to register tabulation to handing in the seal that answer and captures, put on record at sending inside 10 days or approve the quarter public security gear that make.
The seal that public security mechanism is answered to handing in and captures, need to put two years beforehand, do not have special situation, put beforehand after expiring, give destroy by melting or burning.
The 16th has the history to commemorate the meaning needs the stamp that saves for a long time, by collect save the orgnaization offers application to mechanism of public security of province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government and announcement, can not grant after approval destroy by melting or burning, by application the unit is collected save.
Seal of the 3rd chapter manages unit management
The seventeenth runs the unit of the seal business that this method indicates, ought to have following requirement:
(one) have fixed management place;
(2) the regulation that management place and establishment accord with national fire control and public security management;
(3) operator and do not have bilk, swindle and bluff from personnel of course of study, falsify the illegal criminal record such as seal;
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