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" the regulation that organizes seal about various party " announcement
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Party organization is not made commonly hair presswork the overprint seal that the file uses, if need really, the proper motion after organization of on the newspaper one class puts on record is engraved make, the norms style of overprint seal and official stamp are identical. The steel seal that the certificate that make uses is extremely other and special chapter, answer to be distinguished somewhat with official stamp on norms and style, can engrave by oneself make.
Engrave the seal of the organization that make a party, beard by the general office that makes hair gear (room) or political branch opens official letter, mention expressly in detail the name of seal, style and norms, deal with the formalities that register to the public security branch that controls hair mechanism seat. Door of the Ministry of Public Security should appoint unit of proper carve characters on a seal to assume leading Party group to knit seal quarter make the task. Bear the person that make unit or carve characters on a seal is uniform take shape or be modelled on.
4, the use of seal and management
The seal that leading Party group knits, the controller that organizes by this or appoint personnel to keep. Use seal must organize chief to approve via this, every time affix an official seal should undertake registering. Of large quantities of print and distribute within the party file, can not build seal. Of seal enable or out of service should inform concerned unit in time. Moulage files in this unit. Transmissive leading Party group knits seal, answer to be treated by transmissive and confidential document.
Because damage,leading Party group knits seal or the orgnaization changes and after disuse, should seasonable capture is answered make hair gear formerly. The old seal that call in, discriminative circumstance gives seal up for keeping or destroy by melting or burning. Old seal of destroy by melting or burning, need approval of classics mechanism leader. 2 people inspect is sold.
Leading Party group of system of the Chinese People's Liberation Army knits the norms of seal, style and administrative measure, by the Chinese Communist the regulation of central war council is dealt with. Leading Party group of force of Chinese people armed police knits seal, the regulation that presses leading Party group of Chinese Communist the Ministry of Public Security is dealt with.
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Print and distribute of general office of Central Committee of Communist Party of China

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