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Social force managerial seal administers provisional regulation
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The name of seal place print of the 7th school and its function orgnaization, quarter Zhang Mei number, the proof that must issue in order to teach service is accurate, other organization and individual do not get do sth without authorization to change.
Yin Wen of the 8th seal uses the simplified Chinese character that Chinese character of body of the Song Dynasty and the State Council announce. The school seal of ethical municipality, answer and print Chinese article and place's general nation character. Seal character is more, engrave not easily when making clarity, can use general abbreviation appropriately.
The 9th school is not engraved make foreign language seal, need to engrave those who make foreign language seal truly, teach service approval by province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government.
Seal of the 10th school must sign up for educational service and public security mechanism to put on record, and by educational service formal send an official communication to other organizations is enabled.
Eleventh the school should build perfect seal to run a system, by school legal person the delegate assigns person specially assigned for a task custodial seal, make chapter of affix an official seal should be examined and approve strictly.
Dozenth a school is tonsorial name, should pay former seal the educational service of approval education, quarter make new seal be carried out by this regulation.
Thirteenth seal is missing, beard to agree and approval engraves the educational service that makes seal and report of public security office, state become invalid. Quarter make new seal apply for afresh by this regulation.
The 14th school is stopped run a school, seal of beard general school and the seal that belong to all function orgnaization hand in the educational service of approval education to seal up for keeping.
The 15th school by close down, by the education of approval education service captures seal, the person that do not hand over to refus, by education service is submitted to public security mechanism is captured.
Service of the 16th various education answers school seal tabulation to register, keep imprints bottom; To capturing the seal that submits with the school, should apply for approval public security mechanism gives destroy by melting or burning.
To agreeing to mix without teaching service public security mechanism is approved the seventeenth, do sth without authorization engraves the person that make school seal, fine with 500 yuan by department of public security office, capture its to engrave the seal that make illegally.
The 18th is opposite approve without public security mechanism, privately bear company of the plant that makes school seal, carve characters on a seal or individual, press by public security mechanism " management of public security of People's Republic of China punishs byelaw " regulation of the 25th binomial gives punishment.
The 19th missing seal and deregulation use seal, should investigate the duty of custodial personnel and school chief; Cause serious consequence, penalize lawfully.
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