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New Year delivers a speech
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We are full of joyance, greeted a new year, express to express sympathy and solicitude for kindly and be congratulated to the comrades of seal bound above all, all circles friend that supports seal industry to the care expresses cordial acknowledgment! In going one year, as a result of everybody's joint efforts, each job obtained certain result, let us advance hand in hand, had done the work 2006 jointly:
A new year, we want with 16 mix 16 greatly 5 in plenary meeting spirit is guidance, hold to and implement scientific progress concept, imprint according to China assist the working sketch that the 3rd times member congress makes, strengthen association construction in the round, continue to promote the economic system reform of the industry, stimulative seal industry is coordinated in the round can develop continuously.
A new year, we should enlarge the communication of the industry and collaboration further, continue to hold product technology to reveal news briefing of meeting, new technology, job communication meeting, look around make an on-the-spot investigation wait for an activity, the basis is declared of one's own accord, preferred choice conference undertakes unit, make new contribution for seal industry.
A new year, we should be mixed according to commercialized principle standard development association, development expands member team, rectify an organization, adjust leader orgnaization, establish standing board afresh, create honorary job, enhance the actual strength of association and influence.
A new year, we want assistance to the government is strengthened and improve industry management, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the member, fight unfair competition, company of stamp of supportive each district begins the work, exchange experience and information in time, health of stimulative seal industry develops.
One new year, we should build the demand of harmonious society according to compose, strengthen solidarity, had handled the relation of each respect, do work of information of good conduct propaganda, do good website, make concerted efforts, initiate the new phase of each job jointly.

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