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Chinese seal guild 2008 New Year congratulations
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New Year beginning, every phenomenon is newer, when beginning one new year, express to express sympathy and solicitude for kindly and be congratulated to seal industry colleague above all! All circles friend that supports seal industry to the care expresses cordial acknowledgment! Let our bank cooperate hand in hand, had done the work 2008 jointly:

Be in a new year, we should be guidance with seventeen great mind, carry out implement scientific progress concept, what contact seal industry cheek by jowl is actual, on new historical start, development innovation, promote seal trade good again rapid development.

Be in a new year, we should strengthen association to build in the round not, rectify an organization, develop entrant, support construction of association of each district seal, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the member, strengthen propagandist work, do good association website, better land serves for member and industry.

Be in a new year, we should enlarge the communication of seal industry and collaboration further, hold product technology to show the activity such as meeting, seminar, the progress of stimulative seal industry and prosperity.

Be in a new year, we want to be chance in order to receive the Olympic Games, begin greet an Olympic Games, say activity of new wind of civilized, tree, promote our country's fine seal art, hold with what outstanding achievement receives the Olympic Games.

Be in a new year, we should build the demand of socialistic harmony society according to compose, unitive cooperation, collective struggle, strengthen collude with and communication, harmony of stimulative seal industry develops, what start each work ceaselessly is new situation.

Wish everybody Happy New Year, the career is flourishing, good luck!

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