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Receive a party with outstanding achievement seventeen hold greatly
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The seventeenth times countrywide congress is about to hold the Chinese Communist, this is very important meeting when our country reform develops crucial phase to hold, it is the important matter of entire party and the people of the whole country, member of appeal of society of Chinese seal travel and industry, with receiving a party seventeen greatly motivation, hold to and implement scientific progress concept, had done the work of each respect hard, seize current favorable opportunity, continue to promote the classics system reform of seal industry, enlarge the communication of seal industry and collaboration, study the antitrust law that countrywide National People's Congress passes seriously, stimulative industry health develops, build the demand of socialistic harmony society according to compose, strengthen the construction of association, exchange circumstance and information in time, hold with what outstanding achievement receives the congress of seventeen whole nation of the party.

Chinese seal guild

On September 10, 2007