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About developing the announcement of stamp company initiate
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To promote the reform of seal industry and development, the member that round ligament is comprehended and industry develop enterprising, chinese seal guild decides: Develop a batch of preeminent companies to join consortium, establish is outstanding the in seal industry position of the enterprise, the honor that strengthens a business and famous degree, stimulative industry grows better, enlarge the actual strength of association and influence, greeting whole nation each are enterprise or business unit, organization joins Chinese seal guild.

Chinese seal guild is national trade organization, in enjoy very tall reputation domestic and internationally, imprint as China assist the position that member unit is an enterprise and honor, can obtain the information of association and service in time, enter the conference of association and activity, the society that enlarges enterprise and its leader is affected and famous degree, establish the good figure of the enterprise, initiate unit is dealt with by the following regulation please, concerned matters concerned is contacted in time with association please.

One, by the regulation China of fill in a form and submit it to the leadership imprints assist initiate application form;

2, hand over photocopy of company business charter a;

3, hand in 2 annual meeting to expend 2000 yuan, issue letter of member of 3 years of period of efficacy;

4, China imprints assist will be publicized to initiate unit and announce.

Chinese seal guild

On August 20, 2007