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About publicizing the announcement of stamp company and product in the round
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To get used to the new condition of reforming and opening, to the stamp company with domestic and international comprehensive preeminent conduct propaganda and advanced product technology, show the development level of contemporary seal industry and newest gain, establish the good figure of stamp company, enlarge the communication of the industry and collaboration, chinese seal guild decides: Use contemporary communication method, build seal industry long-term communication reveals platform: Imprint in China assist the website establishs column, publicize preeminent stamp company, show advanced product and skill, carry work of art, have the sale on the net, begin business communication and professional forum; Entry enterprise is led and concern the achievement of personnel and photograph, the honor that enhances enterprise and its leader feels and famous degree; Proceedings of a conferences and news in brief compile and print on the base that on the net conduct propaganda shows, undertake communication and collude with in time, go to the lavatory to be an enterprise quickly to provide information and service, drive network of seal trade news to build, the progress of stimulative seal industry and prosperity, attend an unit to be contacted in time with association please.

Chinese seal guild

On April 1, 2007