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Lanzhou conference brief introduction
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The Lanzhou August, dry,crisp air of autumn, relaxed and delightful, annual meeting of Chinese seal trade will be held here 2007, domestic and international colleague happilies gather under the same roof, communication information, show a product, negotiate the business, narrate friendship, conduct the activity of a series of rich and colorful, this is the year grand meeting that seal industry has distinguishing feature alone.

Lanzhou is Gansu Province provincial capital, the history is long, only then build at BC 86 years, sui Kaihuang the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor sets Lanzhou manager government office, because this gets a name. Lanzhou draws near according to hill water, the Yellow River wears a city and pass, the winter does not have severe cold, arrange of Xia Mo cruel, it is big northwest economy, culture, with traffic center, the Silk Road is as long as in Gansu Province churchyard 1600 much kilometers, have the well-known place of historic interest such as temple of Dunhuang Mo Gao hole, bright spirit, Mai Jishan, have the magical natural scenery, grumous nation amorous feelings, beauty that still has city of melon and fruit praise, it is the good place that travel goes sightseeing.

Dunhuang is located in Gansu Province, Qinghai, Xinjiang to hand in collect place, historic site is spread all over, have Mo Gao hole, Yu forest hole, on the west the landscape such as 1000 Buddha hole, broad and profound culture connotation is famed at the world, of all ages, with " spring coexist, Sha Shui is accrete " cry Sha Shan - beauty spot of crescent moon spring, it is an organic whole with Dunhuang be in harmony, be known as a northern frontier scene of excellent mystery, it is China and even world people's yearning place.

Annual meeting of trade of this China seal, to strengthening the communication of seal industry and cooperation, the progress of stimulative seal industry and development are sure to produce far-reaching effect.

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On July 1, 2007
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