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Chinese seal guild holds member congress the 3rd times
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Chinese seal guild the 3rd times member congress and director enlarged meeting were in on October 17, 2005 Heng Dongbin house holds county of Hunan Province Heng Dong, gu Shujun chairman made working report, summarized the work since congress of the 2nd member, the conference undertook serious discussion, passed China consistently to imprint assist working report.
Meeting ground 16 mix 16 greatly 5 in plenary meeting spirit, research made China imprint assist working compendium, decided the main task that association works.
The conference still undertook adjust and be plenituded to the leader orgnaization of association, the election produced Chinese Yin Xiexin a board and other leader member.
This the conference still revised China to imprint assist constitution, increased to insist to mix implement scientific progress concept, wait for content according to commercialized principle standard and development association.
The work in the same placing of industry of conference call seal solidarity, with when all is entered, initiate the new phase of seal industry jointly.