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China imprints assist the delegate attends Department of Commerce to wor
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Department of Commerce serves job job conference to was held in Beijing on August 2, this the conference is the working conference that the research service job that since Department of Commerce holds water, holds first grows, aim to carry out implement spirit of conference of countrywide current job. Chinese seal guild attends the meeting on invitation about personnel.
Zhang Zhigang of undersecretary of Department of Commerce expresses on the meeting, department of Commerce will in order to develop the market, enlarge consumption to give priority to a line, advance the standardization that serves industry, industrialization and modernization actively, implement strategy of brand of service line of business energetically, drive China to serve course of study to develop quickly.
Zhang Zhigang expresses, guide and promote service line of business to expand the main responsibility that is Department of Commerce all the time, already began a series of works since Department of Commerce holds water. In the light of show level to serve the problem with trade legislation laws and regulations and occupation standard diseased system, formulate of Department of Commerce came on stage " hairdressing beautifies hair course of study runs temporary measure " , " hock government measure " and " sale government measure " , studying formulate " accommodation course of study runs way " , " wash measure of the government that acquire line of business " and " renewable resources reclaims use administrative method " , in addition still give aid to in investigation and study, information guiding, policy, normative market, expand inside the job that needs to waited for a respect to develop a series of rich effect.
Zhang Zhigang puts forward to be mixed currently the target that line of business of service of business affairs of a period will grow henceforth. He says, below new condition, strive 2010, turnover of meal course of study achieves 2 trillion yuan, year all grow 17% ; Accommodation course of study realizes turnover 500 billion yuan, year all grow 10% ; Hairdressing beautifies hair course of study realizes business income 600 billion yuan, year all grow 17% ; Implement brand strategy energetically, breed 100 enterprise of 100 meal famous brand, famous brand exhibition and 50 cross region the accommodation course of study of development interlinks a group; Push the protection of commercial old name and development strategy actively; Increase accommodation line of business energy-saving fall bad news level, found 10 thousand " green restaurant " ; Industry of normative stimulative secondhand goods grows, secondhand goods industry deals the forehead achieves 250 billion yuan; Promote development of the estate that rent actively, raise level of financing of medium and small businesses; Strengthen the standard management of pair of sale line of business and pawnbroking, build market risk to be on guard mechanism; Rely on large reclaim enterprise and reclaim the market builds perfect renewable resources to reclaim network system; Reform and haven of ship of sail a boat of perfect international boat supply market control system; The development that encourage and supports advisory service, news service, intermediary service to wait for burgeoning service line of business; Raise meal, accommodation, hairdressing to beautify hair in the round, wash catch, domestic service, bath, home appliance is repaired, the service quality of the industry such as figure photography and level.
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