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About compiling and print " Chinese seal guideline " announcement
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To get used to the new condition of our country reforming and opening, show the development level of contemporary seal industry and newest gain adequately, conduct propaganda extends advanced technique and renown actor product, establish the integral image of stamp company, chinese seal guild decides: The editor is published 2005 proceedings of a conferences " Chinese seal guideline " , enlarge the communication of the industry and collaboration. " Chinese seal guideline " since initiative travel, get everybody's welcome, already became the propagandist position with seal significant industry and communication platform, chinese seal guideline will be shown before common people with brand-new appearance and rich content 2005, inform concerned matters concerned as follows now:
One, collect content:
Be collected extensively and go elegant demeanour of advertisement of technology of figure of conduct propaganda of the design business that make, product, outstanding entrepreneur, domestic and internationally trade news, outstanding work is chosen ascend, content is rich, subject matter is extensive.
2, publish range:
1, as 2005 proceedings of a conferences of exposition of technology of countrywide seal product.
2, imprint as China assist the website is important special subject column.
3, revealed data of meeting engage by special arrangement 2005 as governmental director branch.
4, as to international seal organization and the publication that postpone meeting choosing to send.
5, imprint as China association print is in issue domestic and internationally.
3, other provision:
1, layout of proceedings of a conferences: 285 × 210mm, it is fine color print entirely.
2, data of proceedings of a conferences imprints in China in succession assist the website is released.
3, the unit that orders proceedings of a conference decides with association connection please.
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