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China imprints assist worked 2005 key
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One, with 16 mix 16 greatly 4 in plenary meeting spirit is guidance, according to scientific progress view, develop this center around the industry, strengthen association construction in the round, continue to promote the economic system reform of seal industry, stimulative industry is coordinated in the round can develop continuously.
2, the communication that enlarges an industry further and collaboration, we will be met through communication, reveal meeting, look around, make an on-the-spot investigation, information is released, a variety of technical lecture, means such as spot communication promote the communication of seal industry and cooperation to new level.
3, strengthen association construction in the round, development expands member team, adjust and enrich council and standing board, build strong leadership core, the member that nicer area is comprehended and industry develop enterprising.
4, continue to assist the government is strengthened and improve industry management, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of member and industry, company of stamp of supportive each district begins the work lawfully, promote the forward development with industry orderly health.
5, do work of information of good conduct propaganda seriously, publish 2005 proceedings of a conferences, do good China to imprint assist website, communicate message through a variety of means, begin extensive collaboration and communication at the same time, the progress of stimulative seal industry and prosperity.