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Promising another village
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In recent years, because intense market competes, especially the forestall behavior that certain place appears makes have some of stamp company get into trouble. And before difficulty, center of seal of circumference of city of Heilongjiang province Shang Zhi develops however expand, by single stamp company development has the integrated development company of economic integration actual strength into nowadays, in the spring tide of market economy development expands.
The controls a kind of seal momently only company deciding a dot that this company is approval of public security bureau of Shang Zhi city; It is unit of member of party of Chinese seal guild; It is unit of vice-chairman of guild of Heilongjiang province seal. Current, this company has 40 stuff, total assets amounts to many yuan 200, annual produce 1 million yuan, the modern company that became Heilongjiang to save seal industry to make a person fix eyes upon. Review the management course of general manager Ms. Zhang Xianjie, make a person really drink admire.
1976, ms. Zhang Xianjie of 18 years old repairs company of watch carve characters on a seal to work in Shang Zhi city, successive from course of study 17 years. 1993, she partook the enterprise is difficult resolutely come off sentry duty, only desk of a piece of work and knife of carve characters on a seal, pursue trade of individual carve characters on a seal. 1999, she experienced 6 years to do poineering work difficultly, already had 10 stuff, have fixed assets 880 thousand yuan, include 5 computers, computer laser engraving tool, the modern equipment cutting an order such as machine of carve of programmed control machine. In addition, still have the luxurious salesroom of 80 square metre, the focal point that made Heilongjiang province cuts word business. After 2000, as a result of all sorts of reasons, company of a lot of stamp already was lost in former days brilliant. Right now, ms. Zhang Xianjie and when all is entered, the advantage that combines weather of Shang Zhi city, favourable geographical position, support of the people creates a condition, with " meet world challenge, creation century is brilliant " for mental power, gained the support that still controls municipal government, assumed lamp act the role ofing to shine change, Cheng of chemical industry of colour of street act the role ofing. Her check, study a few flourishing metropolitan experience, wide enrolled a man of insight and technical qualified personnel, with high-tech, clothbound equipment, high level is in provincial capital Harbin city established limited company of ad of neon lamp of circumference of Shang Zhi city. Scrupulously abide by " with company of high-tech equipment equipment, with low case society of really high grade redound " tenet, pursueing " conduct tendency of the day, contend for become industry file leader " management concept, formed part design, make, install the firm of professional and integrated ad at an organic whole. This company starting point is high, have the fabric width with the most advanced advertising 2 stage, indoor United States produce engine of 3.2 rice, 1.8 meters paint of large and open in season photo opportunity 1, the advanced equipment such as product line of neon lamp of a complete set of, total investment amounts to 1.5 million yuan. This company executed general manager to be in charge of making, set adornment engineering department, neon lamp to make originality of ministry, computer design ministry of paint of ministry, spray, sculpture ministry, reveal propagandist department, scroll to exhibit board bronze medal of word of the ministry that make, copper makes sign of ministry, color make ministry and seal product make the department such as the ministry, total production area amounts to 400 square metre, made a modern ad company structure.
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