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A few minutes cultivated a few minutes of results
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Since Heilongjiang saves seal guild to hold water, solidarity guides industry of complete province seal to relied on local government sector to begin a series of works, the understanding that got a government sector and the accredit that save seal industry completely and support. Recently, the leader that saves a Public Security Department saves seal guild to undertake survey to Heilongjiang personally, entrust a province to imprint assist construction to table a proposal, right to seal information system this, heilongjiang province imprints assist held standing director meeting, put forward to save seal information system to construct working proposal completely. The evolution of industry of Heilongjiang province seal appears the momentum that gives a harmonious stability.
Heilongjiang saves Yin Xiezhi to be able to obtain such result so, it is the result of their plod, we believe, in Heilongjiang the province imprints assist guide below, industry of complete province seal can rally certainly act vigorously is entered, initiate new phase of the job.