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Shoushan stone seal seal in Need
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The "Splendors of Imperial China," said the Shoushan stone is the traditional "four seal stone" one. Distributed in the northern suburb of Shoushan Stone Jinan District, Fuzhou, and Matsu, Luoyuan at the junction of the "Golden Triangle" area. If the veins to points, can be divided into the mountains, Qishan, on Yokota system. According to the traditional habit of Shoushan Stone Head can be divided into "Tin Hang", "puddle" and "Shankeng" three categories. Bo Baby Jane Mall Shoushan stone on display in the natural state, rock type not easy to change, not a light stone color change can be described as natural beauty. Peter Stone is a good hole Shoushan Stone family for a class, produced in the south end of the month in Shanxi good Peter Cave, Peter Cave, also known as good "fairy eight holes." About Bo Baby Jane Mall agalmatolite special to see this good seal of Peter the brave, the crystal texture of fat profits, the wax is strong, rich luster, while the evil spirits brave the efficacy of a town house, popular with artists from network users blog favorite. The seal is a lotus carp works of Yuan and Ming Dynasties, Indian carving a turn around button carp, the fish head is very tender and beautiful on a lotus, the fish body on the left is a Lianpeng, surrounded by fish after a lotus leaf, fish under a wave Lian Lian, the work is so exquisite, exquisite. The seals are fish, lotus, meaning more than year after year. Bo Baby Jane mall person in charge of interview with this reporter said: "Shoushan stone, seal stone as one of the four, very large collection. Shoushan stone used in the production mix in addition to a large number of the seal, but also widely used for engraving figures, animals, birds and flowers, landscapes, stationery, utensils and many other works of art. And as the seal material agalmatolite cherished. "Shoushan seal has gone far beyond its practical function, the more artistic value.