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Bloodstone Stone China and India seal special auction price are more than one m
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"58 Bahrain auction is a party to Bloodstone Liu Guan steatite chapter, starting price of 1.2 million yuan ... ..." After a series of bids, the auctioneer a tuning hammer, the auctions the highest bid was born - 1.68 million dollars. This is yesterday afternoon in Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Centre, at the "Chinese Seal Stone special auction" on the wonderful scene. Million above the auction are heliotrope Xiling auction in the spring and twice as large than the first film special auction, and the "2010 China (Hangzhou), the fifth Indian Culture Expo," the focus of the content of the host by the Xiling Seal Society Auction Co., Ltd., Xiling Printing Society Ltd in association with "China and India special auction Stone", released covering Shoushan Qingtian, Changhua, Bahrain, including the four famous stone the subject of more than one hundred and sixty, two hundred good side printing on stone. Auction set a record in this field this side of Bahrain to Bloodstone Liu Guan steatite chapter, huge, psychic, clear, and because there are red, black and white color attendant, exactly like the "Three Kingdoms" Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Face flying colors, and was known as the "Liu, Guan, Zhang", is extremely rare bloodstone. Another important origin from Changhua's Bloodstone is also much buyers. Zhang Changhua Dahongpao party to 1.568 million yuan turnover Bloodstone. There are also frozen, such as the red rock beauty of Bahrain Chapter, Bahrain Chapter Choi Ha red bloodstone, bloodstone Bahrain Chapter, are all white in the Blood of Bahrain in the top grade, were also doing well. Tian Huang is currently one of the most talked about Indian stone, the auction held in the carving of a Fanglin Wen Chapter Yellowstone, take "Tang Jie Yuan Three Smiles as good margin," the story of 67 million yuan turnover. Calligraphy and painting enthusiasts increased demand for Indian Stone Looking at auction in recent years, stone, Bloodstone's prices continue to rise in May this year in Suzhou, art auction, starting from a small piece of stone is reached 1200 million. This reporter has learned, Bloodstone on the market price of the last two years, the fastest growing types of semi-precious stones. More than 1 kg in weight and weight ranging from large Bloodstone Bloodstone Need for "Big Red", two years, prices rose nearly twice as much. The largest output in Zhejiang Changhua Bloodstone, also known as Changhua Chicken Blood Stone. In the collection, the most important thing is born, Changhua Chicken Blood Stone Mine also has old crater, a new pit of the points. Old crater of the Bloodstone texture, color better than the new pit is the most expensive on the market today Bloodstone varieties, the price of new pit is generally 2 to 3 times. The new pit Changhua Bloodstone Bloodstone further than other expensive areas. Specification grade Blood Stone common seal unit has reached the 5 million or above, while the "Big Red" the price is pushed up to a few million dollars. "Recent market conditions are very optimistic about Tianhuang." Xilingyinshe Auction Co., Ltd. & Cultural Yan Cai Long, head of India and detailed that "Yellowstone resources are very scarce, calligraphy and painting enthusiasts in recent years continue to enter the Indian market stone , so that the unprecedented attention Tianhuang market. " "Tianhuang ever add up all of the extraction is less than 500 kilograms, and will never be increased. All the Tianhuang the collection, sale, trade, gifts are only in the context of 500 kg. supply and demand determines its value. "Lin of the industry.