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Zhuge Huiyan of secretary of county Party committee holds the spot to handle o
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On August 12, zhuge Huiyan of director of standing committee of National People's Congress of secretary of county Party committee, county is thorough Long Zhou is street directive study implement spirit of plenary meeting of county Party committee, industrial district of survey clever river develops a case, the difficulty that encounters in development in the light of the enterprise and problem undertake the spot handles official bussiness. She emphasizes, want aggrandizement to serve, firm is caught fulfil, aid of already of farther actor chemical industry develops an environment, cogent accomplish skill to catch development to maintain stability single-handed.
Zhuge Huiyan is in a company all right of general manager Wang Zhongming accompany next visitting production packs a workshop, company product reveals hall to wait. Subsequently Zhuge Huiyan is in a company all right 3 buildings assembly room holds spot office to meet, detailed knowledge company grows a case. After listening to relevant circumstance to report, how does Zhuge Huiyan promote enterprise of clever river industrial district to develop a standard, the work such as social stability is defended during strengthening an Olympic Games, with Long You controller of street, relevant section, company had have an informal discussion.
Zhuge Huiyan points out, plenary meeting of county Party committee raises consciousness of aggrandizement industry first place, regard implementation as level of progress of economy of ceaseless promotion industry high starting point of economy of Long You industry, characteristic is changed, span a when type develops significant move. The enterprise inside clever river industrial district is Long You this locality mostly, grow model better business, face new situation, want to catch capital attraction single-handed, pay this locality company single-handed give aid to expand, answer the grim situation of current and macroscopical adjusting control actively, change pressure to be motivation, change the challenge is good luck, stimulative company transition upgrades, promote new product research and development strength, enhance core competition ability.
Zhuge Huiyan asks, implement spirit of plenary meeting of county Party committee deep, firm grabs each job fulfil. Want to realise soberly, on the grand target that in implementation plenary meeting raises, we serve in emancipatory thought, aggrandizement, optimize the respect such as the environment to still have bigger difference. Current, business development is in the most difficult period, the proprietor of an enterprise is taller to expanding environmental demand. Each villages and towns (street) , the branch is in " emancipatory thought looks for difference " on large discussion base, want active and thorough company, understanding business developing is actual problem, try to solve seriously, ensure responsibility reachs the designated position. Face the problem that in developing an environment, encounters, each responsibility unit should solve a problem with the train of thought of innovation, the method that uses reform dissolves contradiction, answer a challenge with open thinking, solid those who push each work fulfil.
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