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Congratulate a company ardently to hold water 11 years
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June 2008 is division force imprints the date that course of study establishs 11 years!

Past of turn one's head, division force imprints the footstep that industry grows each times, clearly is in eye, as if the baby of be born of a quack, had gone light acerbity childhood, grown nowadays adult, make us proud.

Division force imprints course of study development course of 11 years, had taken a route that does poineering work difficultly, the road of a swift and violent development, one obtains your person to fix eyes upon the road of achievement. Arrive from a person at the beginning of holding water many 100 employee nowadays, from a few hut of smooth rice, the modern office place to 3000 more than square metre and the manufacturing workshop of neat clear of 5000 much smoother rice, from small vendor's stand sells a network to what cover the throughout the country.

Present division force imprints course of study is being changed along a standardization, dimensions, specializationed way develops. The company strengthens company staff quality to groom ceaselessly strength, raise employee quality; to introduce domestic and international advanced equipment ceaselessly, raise level of manufacturing technology modernization; Perfect interior management system and quality system ceaselessly, make us progressively perfect, ceaseless promotion, this will be promoted further " Wang Zi " the brand moves toward maturity ceaselessly.

Face increasingly intense market competition, division force person values sincere letter and responsibility, major and service more. We will be abided by " beg with quality live, seek progress in order to innovate, build profit space for the businessman, create high grade product for consumer. It is with the person this, promote each other, conspire to develop " management concept, holding to " go after perfect character, realize excellent service " quality guiding principle, abide by " it is with the guest honour " service concept, the science and technology with top-ranking talent, advanced management, innovation, satisfactory service is united in wedlock, develop the market ceaselessly, extend new market field, strive to become the industry that runs standard, rich energy to get tribal chief

Days elapses quickly, time elapse quickly, the harships course that years records division force person 11 years, division force imprints the sweat that the each pace of course of study grows to condensing all division force person and painstaking effort!

Look into future, we are confident. Make us collective expect division force imprints course of study another 11 brilliant years!

Overlook of look as far as one can, division force imprints course of study still is all the way sunshine.