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The secret of seal
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6, Shou Shanshi seal:

Chapter of birthday hill lithography is relatively welcome in consumer, but because Shou Shanshi is major breed resource is already dried up, so a lot of illegal pedlar pretend to be Shou Shanshi to sell with provincial stone, one of, yellow stone of birthday hillside plot. False Tian Huangshi is flush on the market, especially with Beijing a few important travel shop the area is very, the coloring of false Tian Huangshi and the craft that make a skin and true Tian Huangshi really some is compared, if you are not a connoisseur, very much false Tian Huang you are to look not to come out. Secondly, stone of birthday hill lotus. The businessman on the market is pretended to be with stone of new sex lotus more (new sex lotus is extremely changeful color and craze) , illegal pedlar is passed brush oil or boil the method such as candle, let seal look at very beautiful. Actually, more people or with the lake the provincial stone such as wide stone pretends to be stone of Shou Shanshi lotus to sell. Thirdly, birthday hill litchi freezes, pretend to be with Qinghai stone more.

Consult the seal of above, we can't help wanting to ask, why the stamp that the businessman does not become right capable person to pledge. The reason is actually simpler also, the seal cost of real data can be compared normally tall, and for very tall to most appearance running expenses inn-keeper, they are willing to manage sham seal more, can obtain more profit spaces so, the profit that sells a false stamp is to sell a lot of times what taste seal really, of course most businessman is very happy with it such business.

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