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The secret of seal
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Seal is the meaning of ” of “ sincere letter in China, but tell objectively, the seal on the market is frying a concept by accident more, a bit does not take “ the heart of sincere letter ” .

One, agate seal:

We most what often hear is agate seal, the objective agate seal that says market to go up 99% it is raw material make it in order to synthesize glass, true agate seal (inside without foreign matter, norms is more than 2cm*2cm*6cm) only seal cost fluctuates in 150 yuan, calculate on cost of machine carve characters on a seal, with the management cost of inn-keeper and profit, the price should go to 400 yuan in 300 yuan at least between. But such price, average consumer does not bear, so, the businessman is used generally with synthesis vitreous seal pretends to be true agate seal, this is be expert at inside it is the fact that does not dispute. These synthesize agate seal, be in Beijing area of and other places of well of government office of Xidan of a few such as, king, quarter make the price after finishing be in 300 yuan arrive in 150 yuan between, can want to have how old moisture content among them.

2, ox horn seal:

On Internet, if we search ” of seal of “ ox horn on search engine, can find out the objective picture of ” of seal of ox horn of a lot of “ , but actually, this is true ox horn seal partly rarely only among them, the seal of ” of “ ox horn with those outside and bright, lubricant quality of a material is to synthesize plastic products actually. And true ox horn seal is deep gray, fully small, there is cotton shape silk inside, color is bright in that way without chapter of false ox horn gorgeous.

3, ivory seal:

Should say, this is the funniest seal name on the market, develop this name, you also should not believe that meeting is true ivory. Be in Beijing, besides a few well-known antique store, what sell ivory stamp truly is basic not. Ivory seal is quite actually costly, either average consumer is OK of bear. General inn-keeper calls the ivory stamp that give, it is plastic place makes synthetic resin.

4, jade imprints:

Jade imprints is profit the biggest, cheat is most, great convention calls “ imperial jade seal ” , small common calls “ Yu Zhang ” . The businessman uses synthetic glass seal basically now (it is more ivory) make up the number, the idea that likes to acclaim with consumer has: He Tianyu, Afghanistan jade, Russia jade, Yunnan jade is waited a moment. The businessman's method is, what pretend the bag is very luxuriant, the cost that packs actually exceeds far inside the value of that glass imperial jade seal.

5, crystal seal:

If you arrive,the shop that a few pot make goes more, you have with respect to the moisture that can know crystal seal how old. The crystal seal on the market, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, it is glasswork actually more, this kind of seal is very fragile, say with cant: Break off easily, it is namely before machine sculpture, need to use bottom of sand paper burnish, make bottom appears hemp face, so OK and adherent stamp-pad ink, but because crystal seal is much,make for vitreous place, when reason is ground with sand paper, wear bottom easily break off, imprint the effect that give has misshapen.
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