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Value of order of birthday hill lithography - Shou Shanshi price
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Before a lot of consumer are buying order of birthday hill lithography, a question that often asks is: Value of order of birthday hill lithography (value of Shou Shanshi market) how much be.

Actually, this problem actually very complex, not be simple a few numbers can convey. The reason has 6:

Firstly, because Shou Shanshi belongs to one of 4 name stone of Chinese (namely: Stone of Bahrain stone, prosperous fossil, green field, Shou Shanshi) , share 100 many breed, with respect to breed and breed character, price difference is bigger also. Cite a the simplest case, the Tian Huangshi in Shou Shanshi, every gram price is in yellow stone of high-quality goods field 10 thousand yuan of above. A few otherer the some with breed low class does firebrick to use, home Shi Nong uses as piggery of build by laying bricks or stones, have what vendibility hardly.

Secondly, same breed, because quality of a material is different, the price differs also very great disparity. Discern standard: Whether moist, whether to connect fully, whether smooth, pure.

Thirdly, same kind Shou Shanshi, how many what norms size also decided the value, with exemple of cropland Huang Wei, norms is more than 2cm*2cm*5cm it is curiosa, the price is in tens of thousands of above. If norms fluctuates in 1cm*1cm*3cm, the price with respect to suffer a disastrous decline, hundreds of yuan carry a day on the head.

Its 4, a lot of Shou Shanshi breed had extracted dried up, the market is genteel those who connect is basic the Tibet that was before is tasted, reason price is quite high. At present still dimensions extracts, stone of if Shou Shan is old stone of mountain stone, high mountain eyebrow, big hill, its price price is relatively appropriate, compare nice variety among them, relatively agree with make general seal gift, the gift of stone of hill of Olympic Games birthday with our hep place uses stone of Shou Shane eyebrow more namely (motley be in the majority) / stone of old mountain range (motley) / lotus stone (ivory or miscellaneous red) as stone. And breed of stone of other birthday hill, already produced resource without batch, reason if businessman and you say besides above besides a few breed can do lot, that most is eyewash, also need not believe at all so, the most that reckons they are done is to use provincial stone to pretend to be (a general designation of the stone besides 4 names stone, commonly used the provincial Shi Youhu that will pretend to be Shou Shanshi is wide stone of stone of stone, Dandongshi, Qinghai, Xiao Shangong, smoky quartz, Yunnan stone is waited a moment) , do not have how many vendibility basically.

Its 5, a common common sense is, if you see the seal of a Shou Shanshi, grain is pure, color is beautiful, norms is bigger, if be Shou Shanshi really, so the price can be in for certain thousands of yuan of above, if the other side says hundreds of yuan, can concluding probably is fake then, shoddy perhaps, in-house perhaps have crack, or the seal that is stickup combination is waited a moment.
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