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Buy the error of high-grade seal in batch
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In the process that communicates with the client, we are asked a most problem is: The high-grade seal that you can help us do a batch (the price is in 500 to 1500 between) , norms, quality of a material, color is consistent. Of course, our answer is: Cannot.

The person Dou Mingxiao inside travel a truth, high-grade chapter expects in (namely Bahrain, prosperous is changed, Shou Shan, Qing Tianshi, other and provincial Shi Fang risks stone not to calculate) , crop is opposite less, the exploitation of a lot of stone, it is to use dynamite flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil, the original rock most that comes out so is lesser, if consumer is envisaged,not be, a high-grade feed can be cut a lot of piece. The chapter makings of high-grade seal is size is differ, build the stamp that gives same norms size impossibly, color also most is abhorrent, unless the seal of client demand fluctuates in 1cm*1cm*6cm, the seal with big norms can find 3 two to calculate at the same time luckier, this is the limitation of material, this also is why the reason place that high-grade seal gift can do lot rarely.

If a businessman and consumer say, I can make stone of wholesale and high-grade seal, such word hundred it is true crammer, most he can use value 200 vulture button of the left and right sides pretend to be the seal feed with 500 high-grade above, perhaps take provincial rock (color texture is relatively consistent, real value does not cross 100 yuan) the high-grade breed such as the lotus in pretending to be 4 names stone will cheat customer.

Above experience offers reference only.