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Value of market of stone of birthday hill lotus reachs state brief introduction
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In Shou Shanshi, a lot of people like lotus rock, because lotus stone official calls the ” after the “ stone in Shou Shanshi,be on one hand (” of “ Shi Di is Tian Huang) , also be lotus Shi Tiansheng really on the other hand beautiful qualitative, fat embellish is bright, colour richness.

Because the embellish of quality of a material of lotus stone is appeared, very the “ jade ” that resembles a tradition, but because jade hardness is very tall, unwell at seal cutting, so a lot of people like lotus seal, in seal gift, lotus lithography chapter is more welcome also, because lukewarm embellish of lotus stone quality of a material is exquisite,be on one hand, color embellish fat, the exterior is relatively bright, class is higher. In the meantime, because lotus stone color is milky white or red more, reason has the idea of riches and honour.

The modelling of lotus seal upside, it is more a mythical wild animal (a mythical wild animal the meaning of exorcise evil spirits of money having flourishing) , the lion, lotus (elegant) , bamboo (high-minded, successively tall) .

At present chapter of lithography of the lotus on the market is in hundreds of yuan more between, several high-grade yuan also have, mix according to moral commonly new old and calm, the lotus color of old sex is dark, the price is higher, color of new sex lotus is gorgeous, the price is relatively cheap.

Lotus lithography chapter