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Architect of emblem of Beijing Olympic Games - China imprints author - the origi
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He Tianyu is the jade that China uses the earliest, it is produced from Kunlun mountain range, grow the snow line above that controls in 5000 meters.

Resembling is Tian Suiren wishs, xinjiang and company of arts and crafts of cropland jade area are informed Beijing to be versed in beautiful group is in search makings hind, from a great distance delivers two jade material, among them a pale jade opens the door child hind without any flaws. Saying says 10 jade 9 tuft, but two centimeters of one knife left,6 are clean, this jade makings presses the measure that badge treasure devises, as it happens can vulture two. Common saying says vulture jade says jade reason, so, the ” of treasure of badge of “ Olympic Games that uses this beautiful jade write in an ornate style is true heaven-made union of it may be said.

Badge treasure is the implied meaning all over

All dimension of ” of treasure of badge of “ Olympic Games have special implied meaning.

Badge treasure side is long 11. 2 centimeters, the delegate arrives from 1896 2008, contemporary Olympic Games has taken the history that passed 112 years;

Mesa is tall 2. 9 centimeters, have the 29th meaning;

Badge treasure button is fast 9. 6 centimeters, the land the earth's surface of indicative China accumulates kilometer of 9.6 million square;

Badge treasure overall height 13 centimeters, 1.3 billion person common feelings of people of delegate China to the Olympic Games.

With pale jade treasure of the badge that make has 5 implied meaning: Take Yu Zhiren, moist and lukewarm, the gain that represents Olympic Games spirit includes greatly; Take Yu Zhizhi, acute meaning enterprising, the innovation that represents Olympic Games spirit progresses; Take Yu Zhiyong, inexorable, the “ that represents Olympic Games spirit is faster, taller, stronger ” ; Take Yu Zhijie, fine dirt nots corrupt, represent the exalted chasteness of Olympic Games spirit.

(turn from " Beijing recreation believes a newspaper " )

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