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Architect of emblem of Beijing Olympic Games - China imprints author - the origi
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Only then the word of ” of plan “ Beijing that achieves a company to hand over is to close in seal, and the person entity of abstraction some crouch, extend not quite. Zhang Wu tells a reporter, according to the modification opinion of the Olympic Games Organizing Committee, bigger revise undertook 89 times, small modification countless, still revising what send the State Council in the newspaper before today.

In modification process, there are two kinds of opinions in design team. Zhang Wu advocates body is a few more exaggerative, guo Chunning view is a few more dignified. Final authority united an opinion: Undertake on prototype a few refine.

“ makes to the modification of the emblem we went up again traditional literacy class of a China. ” Zhang Wu says. The Long Zi of inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty, Chinese the dragon of fossil is ungual “ input ” arrives in this modelling, basically be being revised is a seal “ open ” mouth, undertook adjustment to the double arm of person entity and leg ministry, more extend. The person entity that forms finally is more bold and unrestrained.

Zhang Wu illuminate says, this graph is poll snake body, and our country ancient time is to use this kind of modelling to behave a hero. The Olympic Games is the grand meeting that calls a hero likewise.

Review preparative period

Begin to consider 5 years ago

Zhang Wu discloses to the reporter, this the emblem designs a contest, their altogether dropped 6 plan, imprint besides China besides, still types of facial makeup in operas of the life hill that reflects day person syncretic, Beijing opera waits. And these 6 plan are choose from inside about a hundred plan come out.

It is early 5 years ago, only then the research that started a company to begin Olympic Games culture, formulate the strategy that gave to participate in Olympic Games figure to design, this is a huge systematic project. When Shen Ao, before their plan was entered 10.

“ we can win victory finally, have inevitability already, also have chance. ” Zhang Wu says, “ should say, our emblem plan is the emblem that fits most person most. ” (Bai Yanlong of the reporter that believe a newspaper)

Carve treasure of Olympic Games badge

Archetypal: Qianlong “ acts according to Tian Zhibao”

Difficulty: As contrary as groovy program

” of treasure of badge of emblem of “ Beijing Olympic Games the Qianlong “ in 25 treasure ” gives the “ clear government with collect carefully of the Imperial Palace Tian Zhibao ” designs prototype for the design, draw materials Xinjiang and Tian Meiyu, by Beijing labour beauty the Great Masters of the group are used with a jade elaborate sculpture is exactly like two.

The difficult problem with the biggest ” of treasure of badge of Olympic Games of the “ that make is to choose makings. Carve jade is quantity material draw materials normally, because of material Shi Yi. ” of treasure of badge of Olympic Games of this carve “ is antipodal, have design plan first, seek data again, and should go up in a makings the skin digs tuft, carve gives the badge treasure like Cun Yimo of two square chi.
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