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Architect of emblem of Beijing Olympic Games - China imprints author - the origi
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China of ——“ of emblem of Beijing Olympic Games imprints the Beijing ” that · waves already appeared to the whole world, who produces this one unexpected design model? Where does inspiration come from? Visit emblem of Beijing Olympic Games to design unit Beijing through the reporter only then start international layout limited company, opened envelop the veil in emblem creation process.     

Emblem prototype origin

Guo Chun Ning draws sketch on A4 paper

“ China imprints the Chun Ning of Guo of the person that achieve formerly of ” , it is Beijing only then the originality assistant inspector general that starts international layout limited company. Since after the emblem designed a contest to start on July 2 last year, guo Chunning entered design state.

I am thinking “ all the time, what is the Olympic Games. It is a festival. So, what element behaves this red-letter day from the extraction in Chinese traditional culture? Train of thought of ” Guo Chunning removes his creation thinking clearly to reporter introduction, I thought of “ at the beginning calligraphy, will make model with the Chinese character that represents Chinese culture. ”

Down this train of thought, guo Chunning began his creation to conceive: The body that use seal builds a new “ Beijing ” word, implied meaning new Beijing, new Olympic Games, again personate of word of ” of this “ Beijing, irregular change runs into move, the person entity that leap waves even, reflect faster, taller, stronger.

So, will behave word of ” of this “ Beijing with what carrier, guo Chunning naturally thought of the seal of Chinese tradition.

But should reflect these conception centrally it is not easy to come out. Guo Chunning began to draw the first graph on paper of a piece of A4. Because “ works reason, I immerse oneself in a design impossibly every day, a few just go up with respect to the picture when snatch a little leisure from a busy life. ” Guo Chunning says. After going up to already drew 100 many sketch till this page paper, let him feel relatively satisfactory figure appeared.

Right now, be apart from hand over agonistic plan to end time still has two days.

This plan that reflects the Beijing ” that “ waves is given in after going, guo Chunning is a little self-confident, a little afraid also, “ does not know to still follow the ” of my plan likeness. Fortunately, after a month, the Olympic Games Organizing Committee informs only then achieve company controller, they hand over the Beijing ” plan that “ waves to choose one of plan to need to revise as equipment.

The emblem alters a course

Learn archaic inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty

Below the leader of the Olympic Games Organizing Committee, only then achieved a company to establish plan to modify a group. With originality chief inspector Zhang Wu is a group leader, the member is Guo Chunning and another stylist Mao Cheng.
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