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Chinese basketball comes honour imprint and to honour vessel
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Chinese basketball comes honour imprint Chinese basketball comes honour vessel

Great Master of Chinese arts and crafts, also be 2008 Beijing Olympic Games indicates “ China imprints ” and giant the Wei Changhai of the Great Master that make of ” of Bao Jian of China of Chinese seal “ , from 2004 the bottom begins to make total champion pot and “ China imprint for CBA league matches ” . Heft halcyon of 3.8 tons Burmese highest grade together, the basketball of China of champion pot ——“ that made the first halcyon through 4 months comes honour vessel ” .

The base interior suit to honour vessel the emerald “ China that one goblet hefts 15 kilograms imprints ” . Seal grows 20 centimeters of squares for the edge, tall 10 centimeter; Seal coping is the globose anaglyph of the face ” of the basketball of new sign “ of CBA profession league matches. Quarter have underside “ China basketball comes honour imprint ” model of written characters, font and arrange the archaic imperial jade seal that collects with the Imperial Palace identical. Such design and the craft that make, make not only CBA more extremely of the basketball culture that reflected China to the ground and CBA champion to honour honorary, this one work also is traditional commemorative pot no longer, and will become Chinese basketball permanent the curiosa of be handed down from ancient times that collect, its value will not be estimated; Add Chinese basketball to especially honour seal, as the elapse of time, the strength of CBA, according to evaluating, the value of this one pot will appreciate ceaselessly on the foundation in 7 digit.

Before sports champion awards prize, only team collects cup, and the honor that team member cannot share pot however. Although total champion of CBA league matches collects flow “CBA,total champion comes honour vessel ” , but the “ China basketball that every member of champion band will obtain to press Chinese traditional calligraphy and painting to mount a picture henceforth comes honour imprint ” . Member of each champion team can obtain the individual honor that collects for a whole life.